emperorneko (emperorneko) wrote in wiifriends,

Looking for friends

Wii Nickname : Robox

Wii Console Code : 6115 2903 1311 3524

Country : USA

Age : 21

Sex : Male

Prerequisites : I hope you have a swarm of Miis to add to my parade! lol

Other information : Leave me your code in a comment and I will add you too! I look forward to playing.
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Wii Nickname : Wormy

Wii Console Code : 4428-7124-9047-5443

Country : United States

Age : 28

Sex : male

I'm adding you now! I also have Mario Kart.
will add you soon. I need to hook up my wii online at my new apartment. Love the sinfest icon.
Cool!. Just send me your ID code when you get it.
I just got my Wii and am having such fun with the Miis but need some friends so I can see more than just my own! Let me know if you add me, and I will input your code!


#3890 1828 8230 8043
im going to add you and i do have a lot of miis. heres my code 2136-0280-4432-0641