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Wii ME!

My Wii Code is 1413 3751 0067 3919. Get your own WiiBadge at!
Wii Nickname : (Rue)

Wii Console Code : 1413375100673918

Country : (USA)

Age : (27)

Sex : (female)

Prerequisites : Nintendo loyalist who used to game alot but stopped. now im back trying to get into the swing of things.  Looking for cool people to friend and show me how to do stuff. Just be cool as im easy going and no drama:-) I dig alot of music and can talk about pretty much anything.
 I have DDR1/2, madden 09 & NBA09, Smackdown v. Raw 09 and wii sports
Other information : I also have a PS3 and would like to find cool peeps:-)
Add me and ill add you back and lets have a Mii parade!!!!
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