141.12 (mars_of_war) wrote in wiifriends,

I like Miis.

Wii Nickname : Arrendersi

Wii Console Code : 6990 2170 2716 9230

Country : US

Age : 26

Sex : Male

Prerequisites : None really...?

Other information : The wii is shared by myself and lightningrapier. We have Brawl but don't really play it much anymore (online mode makes me rage because it just...never connects) but I play Tetris Party a lot. I'm mostly just looking to have some Miis in our Mii Parade, I guess. Silly, but I think seeing other people's Miis is kind of awesome. I go through long phases where I don't use the wii, so if you've sent me a msg and I haven't responded, try PMing my journal, I guess?
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