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wiifriends's Journal

Wii Friends - Share Your Wii Console Codes
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This is a community whereby you can share your Wii Console Codes in the aim of getting and receiving more Wii Friends.

Posting Guidelines

Please fill in the ( ) areas with your own information. Naturally only the Wii Nickname and Wii Console Code is required but the other information might be useful in receiving better friend matches:

Wii Nickname : (Enter your Wii's Nickname)

Wii Console Code : (Enter your Wii Console Code)

Country : (Enter your country of residence)

Age : (Enter your age)

Sex : (Enter your sex (male or female))

Prerequisites : (Enter here any prerequisites that you may have for anyone who might wish to add your Wii console code. e.g. list ages, countries, likes/dislikes, or "none")

Other information : (Enter here any other information you wish to leave)

Using this template, a sample entry would look like:

Wii Nickname : MiiWii

Wii Console Code : 5385 3003 5733 6643

Country : England

Age : 34

Sex : Male

Prerequisites : None

Other information : None

Re-posting Guidelines

If you would like to re-post your Wii Console details, please allow a lapsed time of at least 1 week before re-posting.

Replying/Commenting Guidelines

As you know, for Wii Friends to work successfully, both parties need to add each other's codes to their Wii consoles (Get more information on Mii Parades, Wii Friends and how they work with the Nintendo Wii). Therefore, please use the LJ replying/commenting feature to confirm to a member that you have added their Wii Console code to your own console and by return, please include your Wii Console code and other details as described above. This enables the post creator to add your Wii Console code. Using this scheme, we'll all know who has added who's codes.

How To Find Your Wii Console Code?

In case you do not know how to find your Wii Console Code, follow these instructions:

1. From the main Wii Menu screen, click the Message Board icon (the "envelope" icon in the lower right part of the screen).

2. Click "Create Message".

3. Click "Address Book". From there it will (a) either show your code or (b) show you a series of addresses you've already added, in which case you need to click the "-" left arrow from page 1 of 20 to display your code.

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