Shelly (lilbit6180) wrote in wiifriends,

Help with Six Flags Fun Park for Wii

Ok.. I know Six Flags Funpark.. Big Deal. But it actually is a pretty cool game, taking you from person to person through out the park to complete missions. I pretty much got the hang of it pretty quick, if you can remember where all those people are hiding through out the park that is . But I have this one tie up in the Bramble Maze in the Fright fest section.. I keep getting kicked back to the begining of the maze after a couple jumps through the speed weed thing. Does anyone know how to get through it successfully and get to that stupid Alexander Ghost guy waiting in the middle. It is driving me nuts! Once I got knocked back to the begining of the maze 5 times in a row, I had to take a break before I lose all intrest in the game over one little part.

So if anyone has any suggestions I'll take them!

Thanks in advance!
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